The second American snack-food strike in 3 months has a lot to teach us about the shifting battle lines in labor

This meme demonstrates how many common household snack food brands fall under the Nabsico banner. I love a Nutter Butter way more than the average person, but I won’t buy one until the strike is settled.

Only in America is filing taxes such a complicated mess. Here’s how other countries do it better.

A real estate CEO appraises the home ownership inequality problem in the US — and how to fix it

Bill Clinton signs his welfare reform bill into law, August 23rd, 1996. (Screenshot from C-Span.)

A poverty policy expert explains how Biden’s Child Tax Credit could change America’s broken relationship with welfare.

Chart tracking worker pay and productivity over the last 70 years or so from the good people at the Economic Policy Institute.

If the minimum wage continued to grow alongside worker productivity, as it did for the first 30 years, the federal minimum would be $24 per hour right now.

This trick hasn’t failed me yet. Is it an infallible truth? Should we call it The Hanauer Rule?

Kroger closed grocery stores rather than give workers a $4 raise. Now it’s padding shareholders’ pockets with a $1 billion stock-buyback scheme.

Where does Guy Fieri stand on the health code? Does he hate the regulations that insist restaurant workers wash their hands before returning to work? Or are those regulations okay?

The wealthy celebrity chef fights hard for small restaurant owners. Too bad he doesn’t seem to care about restaurant workers.

A new McKinsey study shows that race and gender inclusion isn’t just compatible with economic growth — it’s absolutely necessary

Much of Mount Rainier’s snowpack melted away during an unprecedented heat wave that struck the Seattle area earlier this summer. The mountain has literally never, in living memory, been this bare.

A former deputy secretary of the Treasury is helping to reimagine a greener, more environmentally responsible financial industry.

Here’s how one state attorney general fought back.

Paul Constant

Political writer at Civic Ventures. Co-founder of the Seattle Review of Books. Author of comics including PLANET OF THE NERDS.

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